Unique Table Design from the Life on a Leaf -house

Graphic designer Marjo Malin’s company Beautiful Mistake extends its field to design!

By inviting the artist Jan-Erik Andersson to design a series of coffee tables, Malin wants to bring out into the world the aesthetics of the The Life on a Leaf -house, finished 2009 in Turku, Finland. The house, inhabited by Malin and Andersson, is a total artwork, published worldwide, where art, design and architecture seamlessly melt together with a big touch of magic and fantasy.

The coffee table series is launced at the Habitare furniture fair in Helsinki 9-13.9.2015. The tables are also sold through this web site.
Beautiful Mistake also designs and manufactures unique tables for public spaces in collaboration with the customer.

If you are interested please contact:
+358 40 7021 390.


Life on a Leaf -house


Life on a Leaf

Life on a Leaf -house in New York Times