The Prints

All the prints are designed exclusively for Beautiful Mistake by artist Jan-Erik Andersson ( They are inspired by Scandinavian nature and the aesthetics of the international arts and crafts and art noveau movements. At the same time they get a contemporary touch by being hand drawn with a graphic tablet pen in a vector program.
The prints are high quality prints produced with the Fotosec technique using a printer with a 1440 x 2880 dpi resolution. UV resistance is guaranteed for over 100 years. The print is covered by an extra hard layer of 8 mm thick acrylate to avoid scratches and to bring out the colours with a clear and extraordinary depth. The print is totally protected from air and humidity. Underneath is a sheet of 6 mm thick acrylate with a satin surface, which gives the whole table surface a thickness of 15 mm.



1 Pine



beautiful_mistake_table2 Bluebell1



3 Bluebell2



beautiful_mistake_table_14 Rowanberry



beautiful_mistake_table_34 Apple flowers




6 Pomegranate



The leg system

The unique leg system is designed to make a beautiful, airy affect, as well as to be stable, easily transported and easily assembled by the buyer. The leg system is a collaborative design between artist Jan-Erik Andersson and Graphic Designer Marjo Malin. The individual leg element is based on an organic line drawn by Andersson and produced by heating and pressing wood into the shape. The sanded and lacquered legs are fastened onto the table by screwing them on a 45 mm thick plywood piece with six sides, fastened under the centre of the table. There is room enough to use an electric screwdriver to get the job done.
The three legs are fastened on every second surface of the hexagon with screws included in the package. The shelf, a triangular sheet of plywood, sanded and lacquered, is fastened on the lower part of the legs by screwing three included (smaller) screws, one for each leg, through premade holes under the legs. The shelf can be used for placing books, a bottle of wine, etc. It also strengthens the construction of the table.